Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines

  1. Presentations should be saved on a USB memory stick and brought to the conference Centre.
  2. Presentations should be uploaded in the laptop placed in conference hall prior to the start of the session.
  3. We kindly ask for your understanding that due to time limitation, presentations should preferably be prepared and edited before upload. Thus, please bring your presentations in a ready-to-upload format.
  4. When agreeing to publish your presentation, please make sure to remove any speaker notes you do not want shared with the public before submitting them for uploading on the online programme.

Session Recording

Presentations in session rooms will be recorded. If the presenter has given consent, the recordings will be published on the online conference programme and on YouTube. So, participants are required to provide prior information before the conference whether to record the presentation or not.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

  1. The Poster Exhibition will be as per the schedule and will be held in the poster room.
  2. Authors will stand by their posters on their assigned day of presentation toanswer questions and provide further information on their study results.
  3. Authors are responsible for mounting and removing their posters.The hotel staff/management/organizer is not responsible for material left behind
  4. Poster size of 1Mt*1Mt will be allowed. Authors are requested to use Times New Roman font to have a clear view.
  5. If the registered author/poster presenter is unable to attend the conference he/she may send a substitute who can be a co-author (or) any member from the same institution. If the winner is a substitute, he/she will be awarded and not the registered author/contestant.
  6. The judgment will be done by Board of Jury. There may be more than one judge to evaluate the posters.
  7. When the competition is being conducted, each participant should be ready in front of his/her poster to answer all questions from the judges.
  8. The judge’s decision will be final and no clarification will be given.

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